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Corporate Overview 

The NAICS codes for which we currently perform services are as follows:


541990,  561210,  561720,  561730, 562111, 562112,  562119,  562211,  562219,  561710


STA has worked with several government agencies, including the Department of the Army, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, US Navy, The Military Sealift Command, and the Department of Homeland Security. We are dedicated to ensuring we become a key asset in the fulfillment of the service contracting needs of all of our clients.  

Federal and State Contracts


US Navy, DC Regional Grounds Maintenance & Snow and Ice Removal 

STA is the Managing Partner on a federal contract in the greater DC Metro area, servicing large scale government landscapes at various locations including some of the most highly visible properties in the area. To maintain customer satisfaction and contract adherence, we take time to develop site specific grounds maintenance plans prior to starting work on any new property. These plans outline what our crew is responsible at the task level (pruning, debris removal, seasonal color rotation) on a seasonal basis and how they will approach their work. It is through proper care leads to a vibrant, healthy and showcase worthy display.  Examples of specific tasks performed on prior contracts includes but is not limited to mowing/trimming, edging, plant bed maintenance, tree pruning, pest management (right of way, turf and ornamental), debris removal, soil analysis, fertilizer application, aeration and over seeding services. We have a capable, well vetted and established subcontractor network for specialized services including interior plant maintenance, specimen quality plant material and hardscape design build. 


STA also conducts snow removal operations in the DC metro area for nine years and through that experience we have seen some of the region’s biggest storms including the 2010 and 2016 events that were historical in nature. We will employ a combination of mechanized and manual methods to pre-treat, remove and post-treat areas affected by snow and ice. We have a successful track record of preparing for and combatting winter weather including the use of brine, solid chemical pretreatment, and physical snow removal. We are well versed in the importance of developing and adhering to a plan of action when deploying teams for operations. That includes communicating with the customer, onsite security, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that resources are on site in the appropriate quantity ready to complete the removal effort. 


US Army, Ft. Knox Grounds Snow & Ice Removal

STA oversees the removal of snow and ice along highly trafficked pedestrian areas around the base hospital. We ensure sidewalks, crosswalks, and parking lots are safe for hospital staff and patients to walk. We accomplish this by removing snow and ice, and salting areas that are susceptible to ice.


US Army, Ft. Knox Grounds Maintenance 

STA is responsible for ensuring that the grounds on Ft. Knox keep a well-manicured appearance at all times. STA is responsible for the mowing, edging, pruning/trimming, weeding, grounds monitoring and litter removal at Ft. Knox. STA maintains grass heights to the specifics standards set forth in the contract, while also ensuring that all concrete and asphalt boundaries maintain a hard edge. STA trims grass around all fixed obstacles and maintains all plant beds with contract specific ground cover. Due the volume of work performed at Ft. Knox, STA conducts its operation in strict conformance with all Federal, State, and Corporate safety regulations. STA has designed and implemented a stringent safety program for employees performing under this contract to ensure our employees are performing their duties in the safest manner possible.


US Coast Guard, Cape May Grounds Maintenance 

STA is responsible for the maintenance of office lawns and public areas. STA is also required to maintain the grounds for restricted areas used for ammunition, and right-aways across the base.


US Navy, USMC Cherry Point Grounds Maintenance 

STA is responsible for the restricted area mowing of two satellite airfields in the North Carolina coastal area. These airfields are used for Marine Corps and Naval Aviation training, as well as emergency logistics hubs in case of natural disaster or situation of the like. Our duties include tree removal, stump removal, remediation, large track mowing bush hogging, and hand brush work.


US Navy, USMC Cherry Point Oil Water Separator

STA is responsible for oil water separator cleaning and industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge removal at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. We analyze water samples to ensure the plant is operating at peak efficiency, as well as ensure waste is shipped and deposed of in accordance with Federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and executive orders.


DOS, Springfield Range Maintenance 

STA performs the cleaning and maintenance of indoor small arms ranges, handling of HAZMAT waste materials, and regular scheduled maintenance of the range’s HVAC systems. STA oversees the removal and replacement of outdated target systems, and bullet traps. We work directly with companies such as Action Target to ensure the Government receives the highest quality products possible.


US Army, Ft. Detrick Range Maintenance 

STA performed the cleaning and maintenance of indoor small arms ranges, regular scheduled maintenance of the range’s HVAC systems, and the collection and handling of HAZMAT waste materials. STA works closely with subcontractors to ensure waste is collected and transported to appropriate hazardous waste recyclers. 


US Navy, Key West Pest Control and Waste Management 

STA is responsible for the daily pest inspections and scheduled service calls for most of the facilities located on NAS Key West.  STA personnel also respond to unscheduled trouble calls, where we work closely with our subcontractors to identify pest issues, and quickly develop a plan of action to remedy these items. STA is also responsible for collection and the disposal of recycled waste collected from facilities located across the base. We monitor all receptacles, making sure that they contain no household waste, and are kept in their correct locations.


DHS, Bay Area Housing Maintenance 

STA, as Majority Partner of Joint Venture company CTC provides facility support services to multiple Coast Guard bases in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our dedicated staff tends to the needs of the tenants, ensuring that government property is fully operational and well maintained. Services include maintenance of buildings, grounds, and utilities. We also provide pest control, and waste management services. 


US Army, Red River Army Depot Custodial 

STA, as Majority Partner of Joint Venture company CTC currently is providing custodial services to over 600,000 SF of office, dining, restroom, clinical, and industrial areas. We also participate in the base-wide recycling program by ensuring all our recycle waste is properly disposed of in containers located on loading docks.


Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Site Remediation 

STA successfully removed and disposed of 50 tons of scrap tire waste and 120 tons of Municipal Solid Waste from an illegal dump site. Once waste was removed, STA rebuilt the county service road, and installed erosion control to bring the site back to its original state. 


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